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Mason Digital are proud to be part of the Count Me In Dance Competition and strive to capture images of your dancers that they can be proud of, to show and to share. With a lifetime of experience in performing arts and a family of dancers, my goal for the competition is to capture images for you and your dancer that are high quality, celebrate their performance, and respectfully shared with privacy. 

Count Me In Dance Competition was created by Emmalee & Katie to provide you a competition that combines all the things they loved about competitions, from the point of view of a Principal Dance Teacher and a Dance Mum.

Event Dates:
Count Me In Dance Competition
Dame Roma Mitchell Centre Golden Grove
17 and 18 October 2021

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Galleries will be made available for dancers who competed and ordered photographs of their numbers. Each gallery is secure to the dancer via a direct link provided, and password to access all galleries ordered.

If you have ordered photos, you will receive a unique link as soon as they are ready to download any or all photos from each gallery to keep and share as you choose. Use the 'download all' button at the first gallery page to receive a zipped download of each gallery, or download buttons on each individual image to download one at a time.  

To place an order, if you've forgotten a password, need something adjusted or have any questions, please get in touch! Send an email nathaniel@masondigtial.com.au with the name of your dancer and we'll respond as soon as possible.

Competition and Photograper Links



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